Wicked3D shutterglasses controller
to Elsa Revelator compatible update board.

Developed with Anatoly Levshevich (aka Livsy)
from Republic Belarus.

Excuse me for my bad and strange English. I hope, it will be perfected. ;-)))

I think, Elsa Revelator is the best stereo shutterglasses system today. This software based on Nvidia referense drivers, but stabile, with flexible adjusting, and total 3D games compatible. I was testing ASUS Wicked3D   Elsa shutterglasses systems on ASUS V3400TNT/TV, Sparkle Vanta, ASUS V7100 videocards.
Unfortunatelly, - Revelator driver not installable on 8- and 16-Meg Sparkle Vanta video cards (Blue Screen Error).
The Wicked3D, available beside my friend, worked normally with 3DFX chipsets, on Nvidia compatible cards stereo mode is bugged, only with interlace mode (with half screen resolution) and not all games compatible.
So and was made this update board, which adds to wireless Wicked3D system get full Elsa Revelator compatibility. This will allow to play in games with full-resolution stereo and without loss of permit of picture on TNT / TNT2 / Vanta videocards - in Direct3D OpenGL modes, on GeForce - while only in Direct3D (I think, Stereo OpenGL on GeForce will be later, with new Revelator drivers. ).
In recently Nvidia released reference drivers with the support a stereo, herewith they confirm that this better, than Revelator, but while in that condition, what they inhere, this more looks like the experiment. The bug with Sparkle Vanta disappear, but OpenGL stereo while no, but with TNT in general did not appear a "Stereo properties", yes and itself this card already officially is not supported (while my TNT/TV not be upgrade ;-) ), though driver (without the stereo) installed and it works.

BiDiPro 1.3 PCB This PCB is connected to the standard controller and bases in its cover between four construction cylinders.
I not developed in SMD style PCB, SMD components less spread beside me. Need to insulate PCB from controller.
Switch, which allows to choose mode - Revelator or Wicked3d.
Under faultless assembly and connecting an adjustment consists in installing a frequency carrying 34KHz (33,5 .. 34.5) - adjusting R2, C1 must have a high temperature capacity stability, instead of he will possible install a quartz on this frequency (unfortunatelly, quartz from timer on 32.768 KHz not coincides on frequency ).

download Here is full documentation - schematic, PCB for monitor, printer and PCB photomatrix (1:1 , 300DPI ), ZIP,106Kb.

Games List,

which I tested in stereo on Elsa Revelator ( really will work practically each, using OpenGL or Direct3D in fullscreen mode ).
Hardware : Intel Celeron 500, 128 M RAM, SB Live! value, ASUS V3400TNT/TV (16M SGRAM).

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