It's games, which I tested in stereo on Elsa Revelator.

Name ( alphabetical list ) Engine ( If I know ) 3D mode
Aliens vs Predator Fox D3D
Aliens vs Predator 2 LithTech D3D
American Mcgee's Alice Quake III based OGL
Blood II: The Chosen+Nightmares LithTech D3D
Crusaders of Might and Magic (demo) D3D
Dark Forces 2 (Jedi Knight) Lucas Arts D3D
Deadly Dozen D3D
Deer Avenger 4 D3D
Descent 3 D3D
Descent Free Space D3D
Escape From Monkey Island D3D,OGL
Evil Dead. Hail to the King D3D
G-Sector 1.12 D3D
GL DOOM 3 Legacy (OpenGL DOOM) OGL
GL Quake (OpenGL Quake 1) OGL
Gunman Chronicles Half Life OGL,D3D
Heavy Metal FAKK2 Ouake III based OGL
Hitman Codename 47 OGL,D3D
Half-Life (+ more addons) Half Life OGL,D3D
jDOOM (IMHO is the best DOOM engine) Jaakko Kerдnen OGL
Jedi Knight 2 (Mysteries of the Sith) Lucas Arts D3D
KISS Psycho Circus ( the nightmare child ) LithTech D3D
London Racer D3D
Magic & Mayhem - The Art of Magic D3D
Max Payne 3DRealms D3D
Messiah D3D
Mortal Combat 4 D3D
Motocross Magness 2 D3D
Need For Speed 3 D3D
Need For Speed 4 D3D
Need For Speed 5 (Porshe 2000) D3D
No Lives Forever LithTech D3D
Quake II Quake II OGL
Quake III Arena Quake III OGL
Red Faction D3D
Requiem: Avenging Angel D3D*
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Quake III modified OGL
Rune Unreal Tournament D3D,OGL
Serious Sam Croteam OGL
Shogo D3D
SiN Quake II OGL
Soldier Of Fortune Quake II modified OGL
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: The Fallen Unreal Tournament D3D,OGL
Star Wars Battle for Naboo Lukas Arts D3D
Star Wars Racer Lucas Arts D3D
Tomb Raider II D3D
Turok Acclaim D3D
Turok 2 Acclaim D3D
Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament OGL,D3D
Not worked in stereo:   Why ???  :-(((
Half Life Blue Shift Stereo not enabled
Project IGI Terminate, if stereo driver enabled.
Rainbow Six : Covert Ops Essentials Stereo not enabled, screen is teared

OGL - OpenGL mode, D3D - Direct3D mode.
*My "Requiem" always worked only with 512x384
The OpenGL stereo mode is possible only on TNT/TNT2 based cards, on GeForce - while only Direct3D.

Hardware : Intel Celeron 500, 128MB RAM, ASUS V3400TNT-TV (16MB SGRAM), SB Live! value.
Display: Packard Bell 15' , 640x480 120Hz or 800x600 100Hz
(Sorry, I not have better ;-)))

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