" TURBO " v6  EPROM / FLASH programmer.

PCB design & routing by   Alexey Beliansky.

Turbo Photo

( Photo from author of designs ).

This , on my glance , the most ingenious realization of sixth version all known "TURBO" programmer, which presently already become "public" project due to rather high correlation a simplicity/possibility. Shall Not mention its good and bad sides (believe - either or both of them be in presence) , fact on hand - this programmer on the given moment while outside of concurrention. And will yes forgive us a mister an Alemanov that we instead of that to buy beside it, themselves do "TURBO", we after all do not extract thereof profit, but do for itself, but this until prohibited. In any event many from us don't care its did not be able to buy.
Me known one more ingenious design of this version - from Jalil Gumerov, but exactly this I have liked from standpoints of compactness, smart and professionalism of PCB routing .

Excuse me please for my bad english.

Now I present this information :

Download Schemes and PCB of programmer and converter 12/25 in pictures 1:1 300DPI, suitable for printing of photooriginal on the polyester film or paper on the lazer printer and colour assembly drawing for demonstrative viewing on the monitor. (tested, no errors)
Download Originals of project by Alexey Beliansky : schemes in the format OrCAD SDT Rel.IV, PCB in PCAD 4.5 with libraries of components and modules, kindly afforded by the author.
Download Company "Binar" and its boss Sergei Alemanov - an original author and native producer of "TURBO" v6, have forbidden me and whomever place "Turbo" software on the site, so gives a reference to official site developer, where possible while gratis its to download. If this will be stopped, or will become to be incompatible from data by the variant of programmer, write, please, to me.
Download Adaptor "" for Atmel 89C1051, 89C2051 microcontrollers. (not tested)
Download Adaptor "" for 8048, 80C48, 8051, 80C51, 1816BE48, 1816BE51 microcontrollers. (not tested, 10.03.03 was fixed small SCH and PCB bug - not connected pin 7 of RP9 - label 9 is not correct (correct label is 09), thank for bugfix to Yury Kostenko aka Lexuz)
Download Adaptor "A" for 16-bits EPROM 27C1024, 271024, AT27C1024/L, 271024, A32C16, and like. (while not ready)
Download Adaptor "P" for Microchip PIC16C61 / 62 / 63 / 64 / 65 / 620 / 621 / 622 / 71 / 72 / 73 / 74 / 710 / 711 / 83 / 84 microcontrollers and 24C65, 24C64, 85C72, 24C01, 85C82, 24C02, 85C92, 24C04 Serial EEPROM. (PIC16F84, 93C46,24C04 - passed )
Download Source pictures, used for adapters projects developed (If you have schemes of others Turbo adapters, send me, please. May be, I be develop for them PCBs).
All projects, except apart specified, already assembled, tested and working normally.

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