Quick & easy OrCAD386+ shell.

So looking OrCAD386 Shell in the DOS window of WIN98
(possible english interface).
When working in the OrCAD EDA Tools 4.XX shell too many functions not need me.
So I has written for itself shell, where will be a full process of creation an libraryes, schemes, PCB, and output on the paper, polyester film or in pictures.
With my home technology of fabrication of PCB's this has allowed me have a full cycle from the beginning before the end.
Some useful utilities were written In the process of developing for netlist preparing, graphic files and colour assembly drawing, which have relieved me a life.
All that I placed to its home page, made in this shell.
Is it Afterwards renderred that this shell suitable not only me, and I present its for all.
Only in recently I use OrCAD Capture, on he draws schemes much more easy.

Excuse me please for my bad english.
Not complete I'm sorry, whole documentation not ready, if interesting, call at later.

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