em1.gif (1660 bytes) TONWOOD guitar Engine. em1.gif (1660 bytes)

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Popf_16.gif (12055 bytes) This device good work even with not very good guitars,  has a fluent regulation between compression and distortion, effective gate, and effect of soft  sound attack .

In original beside me after it enclosed filter like WOW, possible use for shaping tone parametric equaliser or use flanger in ridge filter mode.

The gate absolutely not mark for the musician, does not disturb an attack of sound and reduce all noise, as soon as a signal  guitars will become hindrances less. I think, suppression sometime not less than 60 Db. It   can work in the soft attack mode.

This, but in the same way 6-channal pickup with separate FUZZess on each string (possible play chords.!!!), and tone block I use on my guitar, can I describe a technology.

Excuse me please for my bad english.

Scheme has no particular openings: logarithmic amplifier on OA, detector of compressor on the reduplication scheme, control compressor element on VT3 with the nonlinear distortion compensation.   Detector of gate operates on middle-frequency forming signal, practically immediately ing on the first nip of string, and when fading a signal below determined level slams the whole channel without "tearing" sound ( to the account hystersis its operating levels and releasing ). Executed on the transistor with high h21e  (500-1000). Switch on VT1 - strictly  gate control element , similar VT3, VT4 as once and creates hysteresis the whole channel. Soft attack is got when increasing a constant time R10+R13 /C6. In the distortion aplying diodes with "cubic" characteristic. In general that all beautifully sounded, some detail possible to change on other only understanding, as this works.

Choice 140сд7 (741) is stipulated by its small noises under such resistance source of the signal, as beside guitars, but main - under the high gain factor beside it clearly denominated resonance, which possible move a change C7, it forms a tone of attack of sound , selecting fineness play and limits a band of frequencies reduce (power 50 Hzs and so on), same characteristics be and beside 140сд6, but on noises it worse. Serieses 574,544 did not try.

Types  and letters of field transistors define compressor level correlations , limiter and gate. Posssible variants.

Diodes of limiter йд503 (for the best), йд512, йд522, or other silicon, transistor йр342б (BC109) or йр3102 with as possible big issue factor, VD1- germanium.

R15   installs sensitivity of gate operating.

Combination germanium VD4 and silicon VD5 gives a minimum threshold of detector and maximum correlation of time of operating-releasing.

For stabilizations of gate level and duration of soft attack possible to include between VT2 collector and mass Zener Diod д818 (7,5-9v). In the scheme enough are often met high-resistance resistors, be attentive.

Here is, basically, and all. Adjustments practically no, if all is collected from specified elements without selecting even. R9 installs general system sensitivity.

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