Ham Radio CW Processor.

So looking TP in the DOS window of WIN98.
Ham Radio CW Processor (TP) can render aid when an the two-way CW relationships.
Program can recognize a Morze code and be automatically adjusted on the receiving speed.
The Issue possible from keyboards straight and from the buffer with messages, which possible edit while process of working.
The receiving and transmitting works in the "transparent" mode, not disturbing operator to edit a buffer.
On each session of functioning takes the minutes with will write in the file.
Interface with tranceiver through the printer port with the galvanic optron's uncoupling.
TP was tested on the computers from XT-4Mgz before IP166-MMX.
Working with operating system MSDOS/WIN.

Excuse me please for my bad english.
Download! Full complement to documentation (sorry, while only in russian), schemes and PCB of interface in pictures 1:1 300DPI, assembly drawing and program of telegraphic processor possible to take here.

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