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My photo Igor Julian Popov, all in wonder. ;-)
Birth 9 september 1962. Married.
Radio technician on formation, at current time is 1-st technician in department of informations computers systems,
company "AlchevskKoks" (ex- "Coke chemical plant" ), s. Alchevsk, Lugansk reg, Ukraine.

All my free time belongs computer hardware, sound and music.

I write amateurs ( but sometimes ingenious ;-))) programms on Turbo Pascal+Asm, C, Asm Z80, Delphi.
I like ZX Spectrum.

I make sound and musical devices, in recently I write programs for VRML .
In scheme and PCB development I use OrCad Capture 7.1 + OrCad PCB 386+

For a long time I played in hard-rock group on the leader-guitar, have a guitar and love for HARD-and-HEAVY and to the music. I likes "Queen", "Uriah Heep", "Led Zeppelin", "Black Sabbath", "Alice Cooper","Metallica", "Nightwish", sometime I hear trash, alternative and industrial music , my favorite guitarist is    Brian May from "Queen".

In year 2000 I was present my work to guitarists contest "Guitarist - 2000" on http://www.guitar.ru , if you interesting, may to download my music :
MP3 , 22KHz, mono, 32bps, size 845KB

or same with better quality :
MP3 Layer, 44KHz, stereo, 128bps, size 3.39MB
Go! Go!

It's my guitars, on the left - remaked "Alfa", produced by czech company "Jolana" in year 1965, with my advanced internal electronic (see Tonwood Guitar Engine), she is with me from year 1981, Presently on reconstructions,

on the right - my new guitar Ibanez RG370DX CE, obtained in year 2005, with replaced bridge pickup to Seymour Duncan Hot Rails + my selfbuilded 6-channel polyphonic pickup. Presently I make polyphonic processing unit and soostainer.

speaker.gif (2674 bytes)Sorry, cannot play MIDI...speaker.gif (2674 bytes)

My favorite film is all "Star Wars" by George Lucas,
games - "JD00M" ( OpenGL engine up to 1024x768 for DOOM levels), but Quake2 / 3, Unreal , Half life, Serious Sam, Red Faction, Jedi Knight or Aliens vs Predator is very cool.

POP ELECTRIC co. (P.E.co.) - this name has come up for 1977 s.
Different projects are identified different names , for example,
Tonwood - general name for musical devices.
OutLaws, BiDiPro, Extruser, VeRMaLizer, GetWRL - for others.
Logo in such type, as presently, has come up for 1988-s.

My current computer hardware ( many on him know and can tell ) :
Home main computer. Home primary notebook
(HP Omnibook 6000).
Home secondary notebook
( ASUS L8400B ).
On work.
CPU AMD Atlon XP Barton 2500+ Intel Mobile Pentium III - 800 Intel Mobile Pentium III - 600 Intel P4 - 2500
Memory 1024Mb Dual Channel DDR 400 256Mb PC133 128Mb PC-133 256M PC-3200
HDD 250Gb Hitachi + 120Gb Maxtor + 4.3Gb Seagate in Mobile Rack 40Gb Hitachi 10Gb IBM 120Gb Samsung + Mobile Rack
Video MSI NX6600-VTD128 Diamond ATI Mobility Radeon M S3 Savage MX ASUS GeForce FX6600
Sound Creative SB Live! value + Xwave Yamaha YMF724 (SPDIF connection) ESS Allegro 3 Aureal Vortex 1 (not work), USB Creative Soud Blaster Creative SB Live! 1024
Monitor 19' LG Flatron F900P + 17' Acer Ferrari TFT Multimedia SVGA / TV / AV 15' TFT 1400x1050x32 (Internal) 14' TFT 1024x768x32 (Internal) TFT 17" ViewSonic VA1703wb + 17' LG F720b
MainBoard Albatron Socket A KX18D PRO (NForce2 chipset) HP 6000 (Intel BX chipset) ASUS L8400B (Intel BX chipset) ASUS P4 P800 SE
VR devices Gainward (Elsa Revelator and Nvidia compatible) 3D controller and shutterglasses
TV / FM / SAT tuners SkyStar1 rev1.5 DVB card for SAT TV ComPro VideoMate for You (usb) SAT receiver DreamBox DM7020 with HDD 160GB ATI TV Wonder VE
Speakers / Phones Tonwood 200 tube amplifier + Radiotehnika S-90 (front), 2x25 amplifier by I.T.Akulinichev + Kliver 50AC-207 (rear), Amfiton TDS-7 isodynamic phones. Primary computer acoustic system + Aiwa phones. Primary computer acoustic system + Cosonic phones Primax MediaStorm + Amfiton TDS-7 isodynamic phones.
Other devices Genius Wizard Pen 5x4 Tablet IRDA 4MB (internal) IRDA 4MB (internal)

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